Animation Explainer Video Development

Many extensive research and studies sealed the fact that videos are more advantageous than any other medium to explain your product or service especially due to it’s influence on humans. As you read from our stats, people retain 80% of the information from a video for 30 days to the text counterpart which is only 10%. This 10% is because listening to or reading something stimulates just the auditory sense. The visual senses should also be evoked along with the auditory sense which accounts for the 80% information retention rate. The only thing we need to be careful of is not to make the audio-visuals complex by feeding too much of information into the viewer’s brains..

Animation Work Flow

We will explain you how we will provide you the work. First we will provide you the intial script of the project, then the screenplay of the same, after your suggestions and chanegs we start animating the same. We will provide you the initial out of the video to cross check and to provide changes and suggestion. Later on by incoporating the background music, Voice over we will provide you the final out of video in HD format



2D Animation Explainer Video

White Board Explainer Video

Motion Graphics Explainer Videos

Kinetic Typographic Explainer Video

Illustration & Stickers