Warehouse Management System

Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides high level logistics technology that delivers truly measurable ROI and productivity gains in cost, time, labor, inventory, etc. Going far beyond basic picking, packing and shipping, our WMS software uses advanced algorithms to mathematically organize and optimize warehouse operations and transform your warehouse logistics into a critical strategic component in your supply chain.

You need a warehouse management system that for

  1. Stock levels optimization
  2. Efficient and complete sales
  3. Full control of costs and profits
  4. Improves your efficiency
  5. Eliminates mistakes
  6. Allows you to respond rapidly to business changes
  7. Works with your other logistics applications
  8. Gives you full visibility so that you can measure and improve your key metrics



  1. Customizable solution
  2. Manage Stock Intake: from production lines, inter-company transfers or 3rd party locations
  3. Manage Stock Palletising: pallet transfer, breakdown, rebuild, add, remove, look-up
  4. Manage Stock Put-away: advisory put-away locations based on customer rules
  5. Manage Order Picking: ERP links to Sales Orders, real-time validation, multiple operators per order
  6. Manage Container Loading: which pallets, which container, which location, weight distribution
  7. Manage Stock Transfers: Inter-company transfers, track and scan stock in 3rd party locations
  8. Manage Stock Reconciliation: By Product, By Geography, Cycle Counting
  9. Manage Stock Reporting: static and drill down stock reports by multiple criteria
  10. Manage Automate picking, packing and shipping and minimize the number of moves per order
  11. Improve the accuracy of every order and reduce safety stock
  12. Consolidate orders to reduce transportation and shipping costs
  13. Eliminate annual physical counts
  14. Reduce expenses on labour and storage by managing tasks and improving processes
  15. Improve warehouse layout for faster fulfillment and overhead reduction
  16. Minimize the need for warehouse space with cross-docking and flow-through capabilities
  17. Provide voice-enabled capabilities from pick/pack to forklift operations
  18. Facilitate efficient receiving and disposition of returns
  19. Integrate material handling equipment (diverts, inductions, pick/pack, complex sortation)
  20. and lot more.



  1. Timely alerts.
  2. No more lost stock - Dynamic stock control within each warehouse by Product, age and location.
  3. Dry Goods and Packaging stock control
  4. Intake product from production lines, intercompany transfers or transfers from 3rd party suppliers
  5. Pack / Box level traceability
  6. Direct download of Sales Orders into system ensuring the correct product is dispatched
  7. Real-time order Picking validation for dispatch against Sales orders
  8. Dispatch to customers with correct documentation
  9. Automated transaction aggregation ready for billing.
  10. Automatic transfer of dispatch data back to customers automates their invoicing procedure.
  11. Saving time, ensuring accuracy of data and improving efficiency
  12. Interpretation of multiple bar code formats
  13. Intake by pre notified pallet or by pallet building
  14. Move, Palletize, transfer stock etc, within warehouses and between locations.
  15. Ability for orders to be picked from multiple warehouses
  16. Flexibility in operation for stock movement, stock picking, stock checking
  17. Advisory stock locations when picking based upon rules such as aged stock
  18. Assign sales orders to specified picking teams
  19. Multiple operators can work on the same order
  20. Real time picking status is displayed on hand held scanners